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    Do You Trash Your Cash?

    Saturday, December 12th, 2009 at 10:09 AM | Frugal Living, Housing

    money trashWe all need garbage service. But the real question is, How Much Do We Need?

    The Irony of Trash Service
    Every family has different waste needs and your local prices may vary, but the bottom line is the less trash you produce the less you will spend on garbage service. The irony is that we are paying someone to get rid of things that are of no value to us. Most household expenses are for things that bring us something of value such as water, power, insurance, telephone etc. They all provide us with a service that we have determined is important to us.

    The irony with trash service, is that we aren’t getting anything, except the ability to get rid of things!

    A while back we downsized our trash bin. Initially, we were concerned with the amount of trash we had, and that it would be too much for this small can.  After all, our new can is only a 35 gallon trashcan! Also free with many trash services are recycle bins. In our area, these are free and are huge! They are the largest residential roller size.

    The Result
    It ended up, we have far less trash than even would fill the 35 gallon can. As our family went to throw things away, we made an extra effort to determine if it was recyclable or not. In the past we always recycled cans, bottles and other typical recyclable items. But now, we are recycling everything possible, from small shampoo bottles, to newspaper, product packing etc. We filled the recycle bin! And our trash can was only half full when trash day came (even after a thanksgiving party). You will be suprised once you start looking at items that can be recycled. Chances are you may be tossing a lot of recyclable items.

    Yard Waste
    Instead of stuffing our can full of grass and leaves, we started a small compost pile in the back yard, out of sight. If your yard produces a lot of debris, look into a yard waste can. Many times they are cheaper than moving to a large size can. In our area, you can get a yard waste container for $4 per month, where the larger trash bin is $7 more per month. Take the yard waste can, save the cash and help then environment by sending yard waste to the proper place (which is not the dump).

    So the bottom line recycling is good for the earth, and good for your pocket book. Take a closer look at the trash you are producing. I challenge you to downsize your trash bin for a month or two. Just try it. There is no risk. If you have a lot of large items, sell them or list them online for free! See if you can make it work. If the money saving part doesn’t motivate you, then focus on being a better caretaker of our planet. Our savings add up to around $100 a year, and we don’t have to lug that huge can out to the street.

    So now you have no excuse to trash your cash! Literally, it’s just tossing money in the trash can!

    Talking Point: What creative ways have you found to recycle or reduce your household trash?

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